Dreamland Metaverse Tops Hosting Survey

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By Snoopy Pfeffer - Posted on 31 December 2013

We did it again! The third year in a row we were selected as top OpenSim hosting provider in the OpenSim Hosting Survey that each year is conducted by the online magazine Hypergrid Business. We again did score highest in all categories: performance, support, stability and user interface. The survey clearly shows, that Dreamland Metaverse is the leading OpenSim hosting provider.

Statements of our customers were:

“Dreamland Metaverse provides lag-free performance and customer support for the Lani region, a shopping mall and immersive Sci Fi environment, with continuous hypergrid traffic.”

“Our grid has been with Dreamland for three years now. Our residents and visitors are very happy with the grid stability provided to us by Dreamland. We can not imagine ever using another OpenSim provider.”

Here you can find information about the previous surveys of 2014 ("Dreamland Outscores Rivals in Hosting Survey") and 2015 ("Dreamland top's this years hosting survey") that we did also win.