How to do a HyperGrid Teleport?

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By Snoopy Pfeffer - Posted on 31 December 2013

What is HyperGrid?

HyperGrid is an OpenSim technology, that allows users to teleport from one OpenSim virtual world to another. This functionality requires, that both, the originating and the destination regions and grids, have the HyperGrid feature enabled.

When visiting another OpenSim virtual world (OpenSim standalone region or grid), users take their appearance with them and they can access their inventory, take or buy objects, make friends in other virtual worlds, and see their online status or send instant messages to these friends.

The following sections describe HyperGrid basics, how to do HyperGrid teleports and what to be aware of while visiting other virtual worlds, concerning inventory access and assets.

What is a HyperGrid URL?

A HyperGrid URL is an Internet address of a HyperGrid enabled OpenSim virtual world. In fact it is the address of a so called HyperGrid Gatekeeper, that controls access to that virtual world.

HyperGrid URLs have the following format:

    domain name or IP address:port number[:region name]

Examples for OSGrid:

  •    HyperGrid teleport to the welcome region of OSGrid ("Wright Plaza")
  •    HyperGrid teleport to the region "Samsara" in OSGrid

If region names contain spaces, you should replace these space (" ") with "%20".

There are various directories of HyperGrid URLs on the Internet. We recommend Hyperica.

How to do a HyperGrid teleport?

It is possible to do a HyperGrid teleport by using the standard map window of the viewer as follows:

  1. Open the map window
  2. Enter the HyperGrid URL as region name
  3. Click the Search button
  4. Click the Teleport button

When you click the Search button (step 3), you should see how the map window updates and shows the destination region. With Teleport Home you can always teleport back to your home grid.

HyperGrid Stargate

What are StarGates?

StarGates are tools that allow users to easily do HyperGrid teleports to other virtual worlds. Often users can simply click the StareGate to select a destination. Then the avatar walks through the stargate or sit on that tool to get teleported to the other virtual world.

You can find some StarGates as OAR files at OpenSim Creations.

HyperGrid Teleports using Scripts

As owner of a parcel of land, you can implement scripts that teleport people to other virtual worlds. The script simply needs to use the LSL in-world scripting function llTeleportAgent, with an HyperGrid URL as region name.

    llTeleportAgent( key avatar, string region, vector pos, vector look_at )

StarGates are implemented using llTeleportAgent.

Inventory Access

While visiting another virtual world, you can access your inventory. The grid you visit can just see the inventory items you currently use and it can only access the special folder "My Suitcase" and the inventory items in this folder. This is a security feature, to restrict inventory access for virtual worlds you visit to the minimum required.

Objects that you get in a virtual world you visit, get stored in the special "My Suitcase" folder. Only inventory items in this folder can be deleted, while you visit another grid. You can delete inventory items in other folders only when you are back at your home grid. All this is required to avoid security issues.

Restricted Asset Exports

Grids can block copying assets from their asset server. In this case you can only use the objects you got in the same grid. You cannot take such objects with you, to use them elsewhere, because the associated assets were not copied.

When you own a standalone OpenSim region or grid, you can request the kind of setting you prefer.